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Introduction of Hybrid Chat – Pororot

Pororot is an AI character social robot that acts as a friend for children in their growth stage by supporting education, conversation, recreation, and schedule management. Pororot has given answers through their website’s FAQ and simple live chat.

Moving from Simple Live Chat to a Hybrid Chatbot

Pororot was using a live chat solution but the counseling features in their website only worked as a process in which the agent directly responded within business hours. In this case, they were concerned introducing a chatbot can lead to inappropriate user experience. That is why a hybrid chat solution was required, being able to maintain the existing user experience system, reducing customer complaints, and efficiently managing agents’ work.

Maintain Existing Customer Experience and Introduce Chatbot as Needed

Gitple enabled consults to be done anytime through the AI Chatbot. In these following cases, agents can handle consults:

When a customer asks questions that a chatbot cannot answer for several times.


When a customer wants a direct communication with an agent during a chat with a chatbot.


Also, a chatbot can be assigned during a chat with an agent.
This feature is a unique service from Gitple that can also be used in scenarios such as surveys, agreement procedures, and happy calls.

Assign a Chatbot to Customers During a Chat with an Agent in Scenarios such as Surveys, Agreement Procedures, and Happy Calls.

Gitple also provides an interface that allows easy linkage with AI engines (Minds Lab, Selvas, IBM Watson, etc.), and is structured as a cloud service which can quickly respond to chat UI/UX. Our customers can design the user experience, increase work efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about Gitple’s features that improve customer satisfaction,

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