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Solved customer inquiries from multiple sites at once with multi-app functionality – Membership Welfare Services Wellness Club

The well-being club is an industry-leading company that provides ubiquitous membership welfare services under the Samsung Well-Being Club and Well-being Club Membership to the Samsung Group and the (medium)large companies and public organizations. It is a company that has a dream and vision that is advancing to become a membership service portal company.


Multi-app functionality solves customer support for multiple sites at once

The well-being Club provide services on a separate site for each customer group. For example, they offer a variety of homepages and mobile apps such as ‘Public Employee Wellness Club’, ‘Samsung Wellness Club’, and ‘Well-being Club Members’ brand. Utilizing the multi-app function of the Gitple, a common agent supports all consultation customers on all these sites without confusion. An agent is assigned to customers based on the app they enter, and the agent can see detailed customer information during chat.

Multi-app functionality solves customer support for multiple sites at once

Introduced Gitple to provide call center expertise

For convenience of chat-friendly customers, we offer chat in addition to the existing call center’s telephone consultation. The professional chatting function of the Gitple is similar to that of the call center, so the agent is able to use it immediately. In addition, work efficiency has been greatly improved compared to conventional telephone consultation. This is because it is possible to chat at the same time when chatting customers are caught, and there are many chatting customers who solve problems without connecting agents through FAQ bots.

Both the agent and the customer are satisfied. 🙂


Increasing chat efficiency to create customer satisfaction

If you are curious about the features of the live chat service Gitple,

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