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Gitple gets accreditation of cloud service with cloud service quality certification.

Gitple’s “Hybrid Chat based Contact Center” service has been certified by Korea Cloud Industry Association’s cloud service verification program.

Cloud service verification system that is carried out by Korea Cloud Industry Association is a certification system for ensuring reliability between cloud users and providers. This system will determine whether services are true or not by checking major configurations of services that operate in a cloud computing environment. Evaluate the service, system configuration diagram, functional definition, virtualization status, and service scalability. The confirmed service will be disclosed on the association’s website.

Gitple’s ‘Hybrid Chat based Contact Center’ is the right solution for customers who want to use automatic chat for their services. It is possible to use chat service immediately in connection with its homepage (or smartphone application) without building a system. In addition, subscription cloud services are available at a reasonable cost.

Recently, there is a high interest in hybrid chat counseling with chatbot and agent with the demand of customers who have experienced limitations of AI chatbot. Gitple is the first in Korea market to offer custom chatbots and professional chat systems in hybrid form.

According to Gitple, “The quality and technology of ‘Chat Service’ has been officially confirmed through cloud service certificate verification, and we expect that it will lead to positive effect of improving customer service recognition and reliability.”

Gitple provides subscribed cloud service to be able to join the Gitple service through home page immediately. And it also provides private cloud services for enterprise and public sector customers.