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User-friendly Chatbot & Live Chat Helpdesk Solution, Gitple Chat Enters Singapore Market

Due to the coronavirus, the growth rate of chatbot demand and its introduction into various sectors has grown by more than 35% per year. The global AI chatbot market is now expected to reach between approximately $3.17 billion and $9.4 billion by 2024.

In particular, the chatbot market is on a steep rise in Asia and Oceania and is expected to grow more than 31.5% in 2024.

As a result, Gitple, a company specializing in CS solutions for chatbot and live chat helpdesk, recently entered the Singapore market. Gitple says that its Singapore customer base has been steadily increasing since it started business there.

Gitple Chat can be quickly tested/installed through banners that appear right after signing up. If you have any questions during the installation of Gitple Chat, professional support staff will provide answers in real time when inquiring through live chat. Even if you don’t have technical knowledge, easy-to-use guides are also available on the website, which will help companies that have difficulty building B2B softwares.

Gitple Chat provides services that allow various brands to easily create chatbots. These include:

– Provisioning botbuilders for easy chatbot creation for non-developers.

– Integration of free custom designs and company-specific brand concepts into chatbot configuration.

– Chatbot linkage to various customer service chat channels such as KakaoTalk, Line, homepages, apps, etc.

– The operation of FAQ bot scenarios and organization specific, operations live chat helpdesk that can be run separately for different brands and sites, yet collectively managed with a single Gitple Chat plan.

With the advantage of being easily manufactured and user-friendly, Gitple Chat is expected to grow further in line with the expanding global chatbot market.

The efficient, superlative Gitple Chat and membership, suitable for this non-contact era, can be quickly joined at the following link:

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