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Gitple Chat, your
Cloud Digital Contact Centre 
Inquiries from various channels?
Handle with single solution.
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Digital Contact Center
Integrated management of scattered customer communication channels into single solution.
Do not miss the website or app, as well as messenger and SNS channel inquiries.
Increasing Customer Engagement with Gitple Chat
Let’s meet our customers and see how they boosted customer satisfaction
Help Customers 24/7
Hyundai E&C is the first construction company to implement a chatbot & live chat solution for sales enquires. They quickly established our service during the pandemic and are now able to help customers 24/7.
70% of Simple Enquiries
are Handled Automatically
With Gitple Chat’s FAQ bot, Eland Eat was able to boost customer satisfaction and work efficiency.
Gitple Chat is our No. 1
Customer Support Representative
Gitple Chat’s FAQ chatbot had 15,000 conversations with customers just on the first month. We are looking forward to maximise productivity and efficiency in customer service.
More than 3,000 companies in Korea use Gitple Chat to increase customer satisfaction
What about enquiries from other channels?
Integrate with External Channels
Personalized, complicated inquiries can be automated with Scenario Bots
Design your own customer contact journey
with our intuitive interface bot builder.
Choose a plan that fits your company’s conditions
Registration type to pay a fee depending on the amount of consultation &
Built-in type specialized for customized functions and security
Cloud Plans
Whoever needing live chat features right NOW
Whoever wanting to improve customer experience
Businesses with flexible agent management
Enterprise Plans (currently avaialble only in Korea)
Companies requiring customisation
Companies that want their own live chat system
Financial and public institutions requiring strong security
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