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“We Needed a Chat Solution with Call Center Features” – iKozen Healthcare Provider

iKozen is the first and largest membership club that provides the best healthcare services at the lowest cost. For over 10 years, they are in partnership with 1,000 businesses and sports facilities.


The Choice to Manage Hundreds of Thousands of Customer Inquiries

iKozen was in the situation of not being able to use a simple 1:1 chat solution as they had to handle more than 1,000 corporate customers and more than 100,000 customers simultaneously. They have been considering introducing chat consult solutions, as one agent had to face more than 100 customers. There were limitations, needing to deal with all of them by phone calls. They reviewed 6 products including Happytalk, Zendesk, and Channel Talk, but they could not find the solution that suits them right. The main considerations when choosing the live chat consult solution are shown below.

Gitple has an automatic assignment and transfer features which are specialized call center features.


The Introduction of Gitple, a Chat Consult Solution that Provides Call Center Features

“We were struggling to handle all 200,000 customers by phone. But after introducing Gitple, a chat service with all call center features (automatic assignment, etc.), we not only could reduce cost but also increase work productivity. Our customers (mainly executives of large corporations) are also satisfied by being able to ask directly through chat, not by phone calls.”
– CEO of iKozen

“I was communicating with my colleagues with a messenger called ‘Teamroom.’ The only messenger alarms shown in Gitple were ‘Slack’ and ‘Jandi’ only, so I requested to add ‘Teamroom’ to the list. What surprised me was that Gitple started to support ‘Teamroom’ the next day. This wouldn’t have been able if it was a foreign solution, and I feel grateful to resolve my requests quickly just for 50 dollars a month.”

– ikozen Agent

iKozen could interact with customers and conduct chat consults easily and efficiently without any external education, thanks to Gitple’s automatic assignment and transfer features, which are extremely similar to call centers.



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