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Build up call center functions – “Ikozen” health care provider

IKozen is the first and largest membership club in Korea to offer the best health care services at the lowest cost. It has been operating in partnership with more than 1,000 businesses and 1,000 sports facilities over 10 years.


Choice to manage hundreds of thousands of member customer inquiries

Ikozen was unable to apply simple 1:1 chat solution to provide chat service for more than 1,000 corporate customers and more than 100,000 members at the same time. One agent has responded to more than 100 customers. They has long been concerned about introducing a chat solution because of the limitations of responding to customers by telephone. They were reviewing six products including HappyTalk, Zen Desk, and Channel, but they could not find a solution to meet their requirements of above . The conditions of the real-time chat service considered by Ikozen are as follows.

Gitple provides call center features, automatic assignment and forwarding function.


Introduction of Gitple providing call center feature

“Ikozen was limited to responding to all 200,000 customers over the phone, but I was able to use Gitple that embodied all call center functions (automatic assignment etc.) as a chat-based tool, thereby reducing costs and increasing employee productivity. Also, customers who ask for counseling (mainly executives of large corporations) are asked directly through chatting instead of phone calls, which makes them satisfied.”
– CEO of IKozen

“I was communicating within the company based on a messenger called Teamroom. There was no Slack or Jandy in the messenger alarm of Gitple. Giple resolves this issue immediately in in the service of 50,000 won a month. Thank Gitple for listening to the demands.”
-Ikozen agent

Among the Gitple customer support functions, the “automated assignment” and “delivering” functions allow the company to conduct counseling in a similar form to the existing call center tasks, making it easier and more efficient to provide the  service without additional training.



If you are curious about the features of the real-time chat service Gitple,

which improves counselling service efficiency and produces customer satisfaction,

please contact us now.