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Global customer support – EnerTalk

“Enertalk” provides energy data analysis services to about 100,000 households in Korea and around the world. It is a service that enables you to check electricity usage at home using smartphone app by measuring and analyzing electric energy data flowing through distribution board. It is a service that analyzes electricity usage data of home in 1 second and tells you the usage amount, estimated electricity rate and progressive tax grade.  


Choice for Global Customer Support

Prior to the introduction of the service, customer consultation was carried out by telephone, which made it difficult to cover the operating costs of telephone consultants and provide global customer support.


Reduce deployment cost and increase efficient customer support

They wanted to streamline our customer support activities of purchasing, installing, and using IoT devices that measure power usage by introducing chatbot chatting service.
They improve customer satisfaction by treating customers first through chatbot and responding to customers who want to connect a agent.



If you want to improve customer satisfaction and increase connection,

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