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A Smoother Global Customer Support – Enertalk

Enertalk provides energy data analysis services to about 100,000 households in Korea and around the world. They enable people to check electricity usage at home using smartphone apps by measuring and analyzing electric energy data flowing through the distribution board. The service analyzes households’ electricity usage data by 1 second and estimates the electricity rate and progressive tax.  


The Choice for Global Customer Support

Before introducing the service, customer consultation was done by phone calls, which made it difficult to cover the operating costs of phone call agents and to provide global customer support.


Reduce Establishment Cost and Increase Efficient Customer Support

Due to these reasons, they wanted to introduce a chatbot service that efficiently solves the purchase, installation, and usage of IoT devices that measure electricity usage. Enertalk first considered building their own, but because of the establishment cost and pricing issues, they introduced Gitple’s chatbot cloud service. This service is currently linked in Enertalk’s website and mobile app and is being widely used in supporting customers from all around the world

After the introduction of Gitple’s chatbot and chat consult service, 1st line customer interaction is solved through chatbots, and customers who have deeper inquiries are handled by agents. Enertalk is now planning to introduce a product recommendation service for higher customer satisfaction.



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