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Immediately respond to customer needs – Lotte Home Shopping “Cocoya” for pet


Cocoya chose Gitple as a 1:1 live chat service. Cocoya is an online shopping mall dedicated to pets of Lotte Home Shopping. It was opened in December 2017 to support healthy pet culture and to help small and medium-sized pet companies with difficulties in securing distribution networks. More than 80 percent of all products sold are made up of small and medium-sized products, offering services ranging from pet product sales to veterinarian counseling and information on pet culture.
As a result, Lotte Home Shopping implemented a service improvement to focus on the growing pet market. In order to satisfy customers who raise pets, they introduced Gitple service in the existing bulletin board customer consultation and renewed it to 1:1 live chat consultation environment.


Limitation of General Bulletin Consultation

Prior to the introduction of the service, we operated up to 48 hours (weekdays) consultation service on questions about animal behavior, training, and nutrition. Interactive communication was difficult because we could not answer questions in real time. Because it took a while for the question to be answered after the question was answered, the conversation could not be continued and there are little the information and benefits for the customer.

1:1 live chat Introduction

After the introduction of Gitple chat, customers can easily start a 1:1 chat in iPhone / Android app or mobile web. Since questions and answers are available in real time, customers can expect more in-depth answers.

In addition, the agent can recommend their products through the product recommendation feature of Gitple, along with the answers they want. When a customer is concerned about a product that is needed by a pet, he/she can search for keywords and recommend it in real time. the agent can find and deliver them directly from the chat window during live consultation, so you can expect immediate marketing results.


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