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Experiencing the service -Customer

Those who are new to the workspace after signing up for the Gitple service can briefly experience how the chat App actually works.
The actually operated service can be broadly understood from two perspectives – the viewpoint of the end-user and that of the agent who responds to the customer.
This section will describe topics about customers and the next section will describe topics about agents.
You can run the simulation as if you’re an actual customer using the “chatting App Test” function provided by the workspace, and check the consultation process using the video below.

Below is a supplementary explanation for the above video.

Below is a supplementary explanation for the above video.

1. Running the “Chatting App Test

  • • You can run a test by choosing a “visitor” who has not signed up or “log-in” end-customer.
  • • If you are a visitor, you have to input the information required by the chat App in order to proceed with the consultation experience on the "Service settings > Chat App" setting screen.
  • You can view the FAQ information easily on the question list after selecting a category
  • If there are many contents on the question list, you can search for the information directly.

3. Connecting an agent

  • You can connect an agent immediately using the "connect" button.