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Setting up My Service

If you have finished the service experience (end-customer section and agent section), reset the default settings to suit your environments and situations.
The video below shows you the parts that seem to be reset when conducting chat actually.

The contents of the above video are as follows.

Frequently used phrases

  • You can respond to the chat request of the customer quickly using the phrases that were prepared and saved in advance.

FAQ management

    • You can adjust both the category name and display sequence.

Workspace FAQ Category

  • Editing a FAQ item
    • You can use an image, using HTML elements, besides text.


Tag management

  • You can classify chat more quickly using tags and manage it systematically (statistical processing, etc.).
    • Session tag – tagging about session detailsWS Tag Session
    • User tag – tagging about end-customersWS Tag User

Setting business hours

  • You can set “Respond all the time” or details by date.
      • If you select “Set by date”, it can be set as follows. Or, you can set lunchtime additionally.

    WS Business Hour and Lunch


Setting alert

    • A customer inquiry alert can be received via the e-mail or internal messenger (Slack, Jandi, Highworks).

Alert Setting