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Receiving alerts through the frequently-used messenger

Is it hard to keep the workspace open all the time? However, you don’t want to miss important client inquiries, do you?

For those people who’re in your situation, let us introduce an alarm setting method that can process the inquiry of the end-customer without waiting.

The explanation is based on Slack Messenger that we actually use in our Gitple.


First of all, select Slack by selecting the “Service setting > General > Alert setting” menu.

If you select the menu properly, you will be guided to set the webhook URL and the channel to receive messages.

  • To set the webhook URL, log into Slack you used to use and get the link URL as described below. (If there is a link problem, we can help you.)
  • You can use a channel conveniently by making a #CS channel in Slack as we do. (You must input a “#” prefix.)



If you set as described above, you can receive a customer chat request, agent assignment, and accepted message through alert, as described below.


  • If you click on the link at the end of the orange box above, you can open a workspace immediately.
    • Gitple also support optimized chat chat on the mobile phone.
  • To receive the alert as described above, alarm receiving should be set as below.  (Default setting)


Besides Slack, you can receive alerts through the following method.


Wait! You can find more detailed information about notification link in the following guide.


By the way, are you using another messenger? Then, tell us what it is. If the interface is ready in the messenger in question that can send alert to the outside, we will compose a guide and inform you.