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Acceptance processing when an agent is absent

If you have viewed “Setting My Service” (, let us explain how to handle the case that the agent is absent when receiving an actual client request, based on two parts.

  • In a situation that “message acceptance” is displayed if the agent working hours set in the “Service setting > General” menu and the agent status setting value on the right upper side of the workspace correspond to the condition of the agent absence.
  • A process that the agent returned from his/her absence checks and processes the accepted message.


If it’s not the defined business hours or there is no available agent, the customer has to leave a message.

  • During non-business hours the customer will be guided to set up acceptance to leave a message.
    • Menu: Set “Service> General> Business hour” attribute. (By default, it is set from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Lunchtime can be set.)
  • When there is no available agent,  the customer will be guided to set up acceptance to leave a message
    • Menu: You can select one of “In-progress/Busy/Hidden“ if you select the agent name on the upper right (The acceptance information will be given if Busy or Hidden is selected.)



This section explains how to handle a message left by the customer.



As you have seen in the video, you can check the received message and end like general chat.

  • Select Chat Checklist “.

    (Or, you may select “Check” on the upper status bar.)

  • Leave a “session note” after processing the message left by the end-customer.