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Actual linking

If you have completed all of the above tutorials, now is the time to link directly with your services.

Anyone can easily integrate the chat solution without the support of developers. (It takes less than 1 minute for actual linking.)


How to link to regular web pages (internal homepage, single page, hybrid App, etc.)

We’ve explained using Weebly in the example of the above video.

The overall concept is as follows.

  • You can copy HTML codes at the bottom of the (“Service setting > Chatting App”) workspace menu and inserts it into the active page code.
  • Input the code just before the </head> tag just like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.
  • Depending on the home page platform you are using, the code can be provided using the menu or you may have to manually find and insert it. (For more information, see the link to the “Link guide” at the bottom of this page.)


Are you using WordPress? Well, it’s easier.^^


  • Search for and install “Gitple” or “깃플” using the “Add new plug-in” menu.
  • When installation is complete, you can see that the Gitple menu has been added to the Settings menu.
  • If you click on the Gitple menu, you can find the App code input part. You can copy at the bottom of the workspace “Service Setting > General” menu.


Wait! There are more link guides in addition to the link guides below.

By the way, you cannot find even in the link guide? Then, tell us what it is. We will create a guide and inform you within 24 hours! !