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How to assign agents

What is agent assignment? Agent assignment refers to the method of assigning an agent who will respond to the end-customer, if the end-customer has requested an agent.

You can set the “Automatic assignment” method that connects an agent automatically using the “Team manager > Operation > Customer response> Agent routing method” menu, or the “Manual assignment” method that enables an agent to select an agent manually.

The situations you generally choose the method can be summarized below.

Manual assignment

  • There is a certain amount of customer inquiries, but it is a burden to operate a dedicated agent.
  • Customer inquiries are concentrated on a particular season. Therefore, a solution is required that can replace a dedicated consultant.
  • Although the service is not officially launched, it is needed to actively accept client inquiries 24 hours during the test period.
  • You want to provide client service as if there is a professional agent in your office during your outside meeting.

Automatic assignment

  • You have at least one professional agent.
  • You are not a professional agent, but you can perform your duties by always opening your workspace.
  • If you have to serve many customers for a limited time only during a specific period such as an event.


Now, you can set the method that suits your situation.

You can set the workspace at “Team manager” as shown below.

ws manual routing

For “Manual setting”, you only have to press the “Assign” button located on the right side of workspace’s waiting list, to assign a chat request in the consultation waiting queue to an agent.

ws chat assign to me

Then, the chat column will be displayed as shown below, and you can perform chat.

ws statusbar inprogress


For “Automatic assignment”, a conversation can be made right on the chat list according to the following rules.

  • If the number of real-time chat is small.
    • Assign an agent with less assigned chat first
    • If agents have the same number of assigned chat, assign the agent whose last chat is oldest.