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We not only offer all Gitple Chat’s features,
But we also Build a
Customised Digital Contact Centre for your Business!
Installation, maintenance, and management for FREE
A Customised Cloud Digital Contact Centre for 990 usd per Month
FAQ chatbot, scenario chatbot builder provided
unlimited chate sessions
integration with external SDK customised chatbot provided
(* extra charge for customised chatbot)
Key Features
ALL Pro plan features included
Can be built in a customer favored cloud environment
(AWS, Azure, NBP, etc.)
Customised Service
Support public & financial institutions
integration able with customised chatbots, backbone and CTI
other wanted customization is available
(* extra charge for customization services)
Enterprise Plan Customer Case
First chatbot & live chat solution for house sales in Korea
Many construction firms are being ready to adopt non-face-to-face customer service due to the COVID pandemic. Hyundai E&C has quickly made action to this trend and are increasing customer satisfaction by adopting Gitple Chat.
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