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Channel extension and agent features are offered!
Increase Work Efficiency and Sales
with Chatbots & Chat Consultations!
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Why Gitple Chat?

Connected response between agent and chatbot

Chatbots can solve simple inquiries and agents
can help with more detailed solutions.

Various expansion services

Respond to customers who left during the chat
through Kakao Consultation Talk, BizChat,
and phone calls.


Chats from multi-brands can be
managed at once with Gitple Chat

Customer data management

You are able to manage customers’
previous chats and relative data.

FAQ Bots for
Automatic Responses

3level FAQ Bot

FAQ bots can answer up to 70%
of frequently asked questions. With the 3level system,
a more detailed dialogue can be done.

Keyword Search

Enable customers to use keywords and let them
find the solution they want easily.

FAQ Upload / Download

You can upload an Excel file with FAQs
which makes it easier to manage questions.

Tooltips to Reduce Customer Churn
Messages can be changed
depending on the types of customers
Say Hi to your customers!
It can all be different
depending on timing, page,
and the style of the customer.
The tooltip message
will hold on to your customer.

Agent Specialized Features
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Assign Skills

Specialized agents can be assigned considering the type of customers,
such as foreign customers, VIP customers, etc.

Chat Transfer / Specialized Agent Entrance

Chats in progress can be quickly transferred
to specialized agents during a session,
so there’s no need for customers to wait.

Real-time Translation / Multi-language Support

Optimized in dealing with global customers
as a real-time translation to
many languages is available.

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